Winter on the east coast has its perks, the cozy hibernation, the snowy walks and much more. BUT every year around this time, the mid-winter itch begins! I long for the west and exploring the open roads. Thankfully, next month we are taking that trek! I am counting down the days to get back to this area and beyond.  ( Joshua Tree, California 2014) 

The Appalachian Trail - Souther MA ---> CT/NY Border

This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I have traveled a lot and I feel like the simplicity of walking for 5 days truly surpassed my expectations. I was mentally and physically challenged all along the way and it was so rewarding! 60 miles!


I am capturing the love of summer on film this year. There is something slow and still about film and that is what summer should be too.  Taken in Hope, Rhode Island. 



Marrakech, Morocco

 What a fantastically beautiful place. Full of organized chaos, beautiful tiles, vivid colors, desert heat and hard working people.  I hope to visit again but next time, make it to the desert and the city of Fez. 

low country, south carolina

Such a beautiful place! I love the palmettos and different vegetation. A quick visit to Charleston and Beaufort, I need to return when there is more warmth and sunshine. 


Summers End

I keep thinking that summer can't really be over yet! Alas it is and surprising myself I might even be a tad excited for the fall. Yesterday was 90 degrees and very uncomfortable in the city but thankfully this summer I was gone most the time, for work and pleasure, I am grateful for that!

Block Island

When I tell people I went here, they tend to ask where it is. While it is not far off the coast of both Long Island & Connecticut it is actually part of Rhode Island! I guess someone felt bad for them, being the smallest state and all. ;)

Market Veggies

This time of year is best for the fresh produce. I live so close to a great farmers market at Grand Army Plaza at the Prospect Park entrance.   Here are just a few.

market-1 copy.jpg
market-3 copy.jpg

Vacationland, part II

I miss Maine already! I have been visiting there for about 10 years when my parents moved to Rockport. Every time I visit, I think I fall a little bit more in love with the place.  



Tomorrow I am heading to Maine to visit my family. While I am there I hope to do a little shoot with my mom! We are going to compile all our family recipes that have been around for years and do a little photo shoot. 

life in Maine looks a little like this...


wild west

Sometimes during the dark stark winter days on the east coast, I dream of the west. This time, I went and had an amazing time driving from LA to Albuquerque.